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Hello, we're and we operate on a level you've never seen before! Nobody is the same, so why should you adapt to us? That's right, you shouldn't. Therefore we have several plans available, varying from the old-fashioned packages to a plan that grows as you need more.
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    All features listed below are included with this plan. Minimum monthly payment: €0.60.
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Everything that is included, with each plan
Each order - whether its a package or something else - includes by default all features listed below. If something is not clear or you would like to know something specific, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
our features
  • Competitive prices
  • Pay using PayPal, Sofort, BanContact and iDeal
  • Easy and detailed statistics
  • Full cPanel access
  • Instant processing
  • Monthly contract
  • Pay after you've used
  • Create your own package
  • Free transfer service
  • Multilingual
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited addon domains
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • 3 traffic analyzers
  • Password protected directories
  • Customized error pages
  • Everything else cPanel has to offer
geek stuff
  • Hosted in Europe
  • CentOS 6.7
  • CloudLinux
  • Apache 2.2.31
  • Different PHP versions;
    • 5.5.38
    • 5.6.27
    • 7.0.12
  • MySQL 5.6.33
  • SuPHP
  • Offsite backup
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